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Nature's Cargo  Sea  Salts®

Please note that information provided is not to be taken as a medical advice. We offer information we find beneficial to our lives and our health. We must each however, decide what is best. Statements made on this site have not been evaluated by Government regulation agencies. Government regulations state you must consult a medical doctor for any disease


   We are very pleased and excited to announce that the Sea Salt  is now being offered to you under the new name "Nature's Cargo Sea Salts®.

  Our Canadian supplier, rather than buying from the U.S. distributor, is now buying  directly.

  That's why we are able to offer an excellent quality  raw sea salt for much lower  prices!

  Please compare our prices  with the U.S. Companies and see if our prices are not much reasonable.

See our Food Page for prices

 Traditional Harvest Coarse Light Grey Sea Salts

 Treasured as the finest of all condiments in France  and throughout the word. Free of any processing, it is dried only by the hot sun and wind. It is harvested by expert salt farmers who delicately gather it from pristine, clay-lined salt ponds, with wooden hand tools. The slight moisture content ensures all 80-plus trace minerals are intact. Used in cooking, baking, or ground right at the table in one of our specially designed, ceramic wheel grinders.

  Fine Stone-Ground Sea Salts

 For those who wish to use conventional salt shaker, rather than a grinder. Fine Ground Salt is our Coarse Light Grey Salt that has been gently heated, dried and ground fine over natural stone. Due to the drying process it lack a few of the trace minerals, found in the Coarse Light



 Natural  Raw Sea Salt is the most basic condiment as well as a staple food.  This sea salt is obtained from the evaporation of the ocean's water, simply and without artifice.  No synthetic mineral supplement can equal the wealth of minerals that natural Sea Salt supplies, regardless of how rich its content or how precisely it is formulated.  This is real sea salt!

 Nature's Cargo Sea Salt® is harvested in El Salvador, in clean, inland sea ponds. Excellent climatic conditions offer the advantage of a unique mix of minerals.  It is this combination of minerals that gives  Sea Salt its special qualities.  Common salt lacks many trace minerals provided by  Sea Salt because, during the refining process, these minerals are removed.

 Basic Roles of Sea Salt

Our bodies contain three internal oceans that closely resemble the ionic balance of ocean water.  Each one of these complex solutions surrounds and circulates through our body:  1 Blood Plasma;  2. Lymphatic Fluid;  and 3.  Extracellular Fluid.  Comparative analysis shows that these fluids are very similar to sea water in their chemical composition.  From the moment of conception, humans are never without need for salt.  In the salty environment of amniotic fluid, the human embryo grows over 3 billion times in weight.  Medical and biological facts indicate that humans need salt in order to perform basic physiological functions.  Sea Salt is the salt of Life!

 Nature's Cargo Sea Salt® is considered to be a strong alkalinizer and provides renewed energy.  An acidic body condition is believed to contribute to many sicknesses and alkaline foods are considered powerful remedies for hemorrhaging, severe burns, physical trauma, acute infection, shock from an illness or surgical intervention, or very deep emotional stress.  In conditions like these the body's need for extra potassium was traditionally provided by administering small doses of an isotonic salt solution made from natural Light Grey  Sea Salt dissolved in water.  Salt, the universal necessity, always was and is appreciated as an effective medicine, used alone as an energizer, detoxifying agent, or in conjunction with healing plants.

Precious Minerals Working Together:  CO-ACTION

Proper electrolyte balance in the body is achieved by maintaining a relatively high potassium content inside the cell and a high sodium concentration in the fluid outside the cell (extracellular fluid).  Though potassium and sodium are the two electrolytes found in greatest concentration in the human body, many other elements are required for normal physiological function.  Trace elements, found in ocean water and in natural  Sea Salt, work to maintain proper function of the body's systems.  This unique combination of nutrients plays an important role in safeguarding good health. If any one element is left out or diminished, a link in an important chain will be missing and the whole organism will suffer.  These elements work to regulate optimum body function by ensuring that our internal oceans are never shortchanged of trace nutrients.


Scientific research reveals that there are actually very few salt-related health problems.  A healthy, active lifestyle demands a sufficiently reasonable salt intake.  Table salt, which is a harmful chemical, sodium chloride (NaC1), is responsible for raising blood pressure and causing heart problems. All side effects, warnings, and bad press based on medical research have been done with refined, white table 'salt'.  Your very blood requires actual salt to function.  Your cells must be bathed in a sodium-based, extracellular fluid.  When the cells of a mammal are deprived of sodium, they literally explode attempting to equalize inside and out.

Why do we need Nature's Cargo Sea Salt®?

Because the body runs on salt.  Without properly balanced salt we run out of electrolytes and our 'batteries die out'.  Refined table salt, even so-called 'sea salts' from health stores which are mostly sodium chloride, promote pathological calcification and a breakdown of cellular tissue.  When people talk about 'salt' they overlook the fact that there are approximately 82 other elements in natural  Sea Salt which serve as a buffer to protect you from the harshness of pure sodium chloride.  Nature put those buffers there to make sure our bodies could use the sodium properly, and to ensure that once it has been utilized, it will be eliminated completely and quickly through the kidneys.   Raw Sea Salt is completely unrefined to ensure proper bodily utilization.

Don't we get minerals from our food?

Minerals are present in food (though many foods are vastly depleted), but Sea Salt effects how your body handles, and what it does with  those minerals.  Salt effects digestion.  Take potassium for example.  You can eat many potassium-rich foods but it will do you little good unless you are taking Sea Salt as well.  Your body cannot properly digest raw vegetables without salt.  People used to eat a salty soup before a meal to enhance digestion.  Salt  re-enriches your saliva so your body can manufacture the proper digestive juices to break down the complex carbohydrates, celluloids and chlorophyll from the vegetables which contain potassium.  Salt actually creates hydrochloric acid.

 Nature's Cargo Sea Salt® creates hydrochloric acid.

Hydrochloric acid is made from the hydrolysation of chlorine.  The chlorine comes from the essentially balanced sodium chloride we find in Sea salt.  Those who preach a 'no-salt' diet are incorrect:  they should know we are salt-based creatures:  tears, blood, sweat are salty?  They should rather say a 'no refined sodium chloride' diet.  Vegetarians need proper Sea salt more than anyone to aid digestion;  add salt and they start digesting properly;  no more burping their greens.  They can now get more nutrition from their meals.   When using the high mineral-balanced Sea salt, I would say you can now get up to seven times the nutritional value out of vegetables by increasing food's potency and enhancing the positive effects of nutrients, re-enriching saliva, and creating hydro-chloride acid.

How does a 'salt-free' diet harm us?

The general  rule of osmosis when it comes to bodily functions is that water goes wherever salt goes.  If we do not replenish our body's salt reserves, we throw off that vital balance of salt and water that keeps us functioning normally.  Your body will begin to secrete or retain water more quickly in order to raise the level of sodium concentration in the bloodstream.  Signs of too little salt in the diet may take the form of sweating profusely and loss of appetite, extreme fatigue followed by muscles that become sore and stiff and begin to twitch.  Finally, insomnia and perhaps convulsions in extreme instance.

Without proper salt, the cells cannot regenerate and they have no energy.  The cells actually take sodium from the saline fluid surrounding them and convert the sodium to potassium to create energy and cool down the body.  As the body sweats, it loses electrolytes as well as salts and fluids.  Proper salt replenishes these supplies.

Denying yourself of the proper salt worsens every problem in which cell repair and rejuvenation must occur to maintain body function.  This is the single, most important biological fact that must be considered when talking about Sea salt and deprived of this vitally balanced saline solution, the cells degenerate and age.

How does  Nature's Cargo Sea Salts® compare to natural sea salts' at the health store?

Sadly, those 'salts' can be just as harmful as refined, white, sodium chloride (table salt).  In fact, many come from the same refineries.  Sea salt is moist;  dry salt indicates that the magnesium has been removed, because magnesium clings to water.  Salt from salt mines and ancient sea beds are not fit for human consumption.  Thousands of years of rainfall through many geological layers will deplete vital minerals from these deposits.  Most of the elements are driven down far below the salt line, hence destroying the delicate, natural balance of  minerals, gases and moisture found in the living waters of the ocean, where Sea salt is harvested annually.  Salt deposits will either have too many minerals, or not enough.  Because Sea salt has a perfect balance of the essential trace minerals and gases the body requires, people find they use about one-third the amount they would use with other 'salt's.

There are those that say salt causes high blood pressure.

Again, the term should be 'sodium chloride', not salt.  Sea salt actually stabilizes blood pressure, whether high or low.  How?  Because it is the primary cleanser of our veins and arteries keeping our 'transmission lines' clean since it has the ability to clear plaque.  Proper salt in the bloodstream will actually cleanse the blood vessels and ensure normal circulatory flow.  Oil and salt work together as a team - salt breaks up grease.  Chefs have known for centuries that if they add oil alone to food, it becomes 'greasy' and indigestible;  but, if they add salt, it breaks up the bonds of the oil giving it a wonderful taste and consistency.  Sea salt helps to digest and emulsify natural oils - the two ingredients compliment each other.  Raw Nature'c Cargo® sea salt does the same thing in our bodies having the ability to scour the artery walls clean.

How do I use  Nature's Cargo Sea Salts®?

It is a food and should be treated as such.  In cooking or baking, use only 2/3 of what the recipe calls for or salt to taste. Sprinkle it lightly over raw fruits and vegetables and prepare for a taste sensation.  You may also dissolve and drink small quantities in a glass of water 2 or 3 times a day.

All information given based on the works of Jacques DeLangre, Ph.D., Biochemist.

 Nature's Cargo Sea Salt® is available in  four categories : Traditional Harvest  Coarse Light Grey, Fine Stone-Ground Sea Salts, Natural Bath  Sea Salt . You can also get Natural Horse & Pet  Sea Salt.

 Please click here for price info.

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