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Acute and chronic pesticide exposure, such as to cholinesterase inhibitors used on citrus fruits, will overdrive the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is responsible for relaying the nervous impulses across the nerve channel junctions to the muscles, glands, behavioral centers, etc.  Such a poisoning incident will put the heart muscle into varying degrees of overdrive, culminating in a paralysis scenario at worst....Could not the residues of these and other pollutants detectable in most types of our daily foodstuffs and water supplies be insidiously accountable for a slice of the increased rate of coronary disease surfacing in the Western word?

In a major rice growing area of the Philippines, Dr. Loevinsohn from Imperial College, London, found that the onset of a massive epidemic of stroke and heart disease corresponded with the advent of the green agrarian revolution in 1970, when pesticide use rose by nearly 250% in the area.  Dr. Loevinsohn believes that the full scale of deaths, largely confined to the farmworker sector of the population and to the month of August which is the height of the spray season, has been hidden by the local doctors who misattributed these cardiac deaths to deaths of natural degeneration.

Just how many millions of other cardiac deaths from twentieth-century toxic exposure have been misappropriated and scapegoated on to saturated fat?  Mark Purdey Heart Rot, the Amish and Homeostasis

Man has been eating meat and fat for thousands of years, but hardening of the arteries is a new disease.  My father, practicing medicine in Georgia fifty years ago, rarely saw a heart attack. " Heart attacks have only become common since the advent of homogenized pasteurized milk, oleo-margarine, and the increased consumption of polyunsaturated vegetable oils".  William Campbell Douglass, MD The Milk Book

It would be extraordinary if sugar and white flour, known to wreak havoc on the teeth, did not also have profound repercussions elsewhere in the body.  Coronary disease has heretofore been regarded as a "complication" of diabetes.  Both coronary disease and diabetes have a common cause:  WHITE SUGAR and WHITE FLOUR.  William Dufty Sugar Blues

Myth:  A lowfat diet will make you "feel better...and increase your joy of living."

Truth:   Lowfat diets are associated with increased rates of depression, psychological problems, fatigue, violence and suicide.  (Lancet 3/2/92 v339).

Weston A. Price did more than travel and practice dentistry.  He also worked daily in his lab, usually testing vitamin A and D content in butter samples sent to him from throughout the country.  Vitamin content typically peaked in June when the grass was growing most rapidly.  Then declined throughout the summer, but rose again slightly in October.  They were at least 50 percent lower during the winter months.

In the late 1920's Dr. Price gathered mortality statistics for heart disease for the entire United Stated and plotted them on the same graph as vitamin levels in butter.  The graphs were a mirror image of each other.  In other words, when levels of vitamin A and D were high, deaths from heart disease were low and when levels of vitamin A and D were low, deaths from heart disease were high.

It was after Dr. Price's death, when Americans abandoned butter completely in favor of hydrogenated vegetable oils, that deaths from heart disease soared.  Price's neglected study indicates that the answer to this crisis is not, as we've been told, lowfat, but better fat. Sally Fallon Nourishing Traditions.

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