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Fermented Cod Liver Oils


Product Code Description Price in Can $
FCO 750 Natural Fermented Cod Liver Oil 237 ml = approx.  8 oz $66.50
FCO 710 same   as   above,  but   Orange   flavour  $66.50
FCO 700 same as above, but Cinnamon Tingle flavour $66.50
FCO 780 Natural non-Gelatin 120 capsules / bottle 60 servings $59.90



Recommended  Daily  Dose:

For Liquid Fermented Cod Liver Oils :

3/4 of teaspoon daily with good quality butter, preferably  organic, approximately 79 servings in one bottle


For capsules:

Two capsules daily, sixty servings in one bottle


  Goat Milk Products 

Product Code Description Price in Can. $
MM0838 Mineral Matrix Goat whey powder 360 gr. = approx 12 oz $32.95
MM0825 same  as  above,  larger  package,  720 gr. = approx 24 oz $49.50
MM0826 same as above, largest package, 1440 gr., 1.44 kg, approx. 48 oz $95.00





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