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Dr. Willard's water (known also as Willard water)

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Product Code # Description Price Note
DRW-8 Willard's water 8 oz (=250 ml) clear


DRW-32 Willards' water 32 oz (=1 liter) clear



  or Catalyst Altered Water (CAW)   prices

Doctors and nutritionists tell us we need to drink approximately 3.5 liters of water a day to give our body the fluid it needs. Humans and pets need this CAW water as their and our diets are usually not comprised of the nutrients and content that provides them and us with a proper balance for good health. Considering most warm-blooded bodies are made up of over 60% of water and water is the most important nutrient our body needs, this seems like good advice.  But seriously, who finds time to consume 3.5 liters of water a day? Not many of us. This water deficiency leaves our body vulnerable because we don't give it the water it needs. Less fluid consumed equates to less fluid to disperse nutrients and expel toxins.

 Helping Your Body Work Better

In addition, the drinking of Willard Water helps your body assimilate nutrients from food and helps break down waste materials and toxins for expulsion from your body.  If you couple this with the consumption of Diatomaceous Earth, then the body can achieve “balance”. Willard Water has the unique ability to collect electrons from water and the atmosphere releasing them as needed while increasing the bio-magnetism of your cells up to 50 percent. In short, Willard Water helps your body work better because the human body is largely made up of water.

Other Known Benefits

These are inherent properties of Willard Water. However, it is the wide varity of "known" benefits reported from people drinking Willard Water which is the most interesting. Each of us are unique individuals and the effects of Willard Water differ as a result. Sometimes the effects are immediate (as with burns and application seems to speed healing!) and other times subtle and cumulative. Over the past 30 years, "known" benefits reported most frequently are improvements with such problems such as: stress, blood pressure, arthritis, skin problems, burns, back pain, PMS, migraine headaches, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, ulcers and other digestive and respiratory problems. These are just the common user reports. The ultimate goal is to gather user feedback into a knowledge base for our customers. So your feedback is important to us.




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