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Wool Products

  We offer wool products from our own organically raised sheep. Our flock is Romney sheep, known for its excellent wool quality. Why wool? Its simple. It is fire resistant, water resistant, has an excellent insulation property, it absorbs water, it keeps you dry. Our wool does not have chemical additives in it, it is non-allergenic, it has  NO chemical colorant. It does not have chemical additives which weaken the fibre and makes some of the natural qualities of wool less effective or ineffective such as moisture absorption, water resistance or fire resistance.

  All our wool products are organic, non-allergenic, natural and clean.


 This is one of our customer's comment:

   Dear Tony and Tanya,

  Your wool arrived and it is BEAUTIFUL!! The color is wonderful, and it is very well spun.  One question:  who  did that excellent spinning?

  I plan to purchase more wool from you in the future.  Please let me know when you again have the tweed wool available.

Sincere thanks from,

Mrs. Lindianne, TX


 Please check for availability, see below. 


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Skein Natural White 4 oz *





Skein Natural Dark Brown 4 oz  *




  Natural skeins are available in single, 2 ply or 3 ply  for the same price, please specify which one. Dark brown only in 2 ply.      


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